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4 Easy Ways To Remodel Your House Before Selling It

Sierra Powell



House Selling

Renovating your house to make it more livable and enjoyable is an investment worth your effort and money. If you plan to sell your house, remodeling is the best way to enhance your house’s appearance. The point is, using easy ways to refurbish increases the value of your house, thereby enabling you to make more money.

Below are easy ways to remodel your house before selling it.

1. Painting Your House

According to Forbes, painting is one of the best and lowest cost house remodeling strategies that gives the best return rate. For this reason, approximately 36% of house sellers decide to paint before selling them. If you’re planning to sell your house, try applying a nice coat of neutral paint to improve its appearance.

Additionally, most homebuyers prefer to purchase a house with a new blank canvas. However, before you embark on painting your house, try seeking advice from a professional painter. The reason is that some colors may be inappropriate based on the lighting, flooring, and cabinets of your house. Alternatively, if you aren’t ready to invest in remodeling and cleaning your house, we buy houses San Antonio can come in handy.

2. Landscaping Your Backyard

Your home’s exterior is what gives potential buyers a perfect or wrong impression when they first visit your home. A dense backyard may give your potential buyers a negative impression about your house, turning them off. Therefore, ensure you stylistically landscape your backyard, removing any dead debris and cutting overgrown grass or trees. Also, you can remodel your backyard by re-sodding and enclosing unique spaces to highlight them more. Eventually, adding such easy refurbishments can help you increase the value of your house before selling it.

3. Flooring Your House

Carpet replacement and floor refurbishment are some of the best house remodelings that home sellers make before selling their property. For instance, if your house consists of several rooms with different flooring, it’s important to renovate them by replacing them with uniform flooring. The best flooring alternatives are wood flooring and faux-wood flooring compared to carpeting. However, these alternatives may be relatively expensive, and using a new carpet can also give your house a perfect look before selling it. Like painting, select a nice looking neutral color for your carpeting renovations.

4. Upgrading Your Bathroom

Simple bathroom upgrades like using natural stone for the countertops instead of high-end quartz can give a good ROI. A bathroom that appears old can give an impression that your house is old. Some of the easy ways to refurbish your bathroom include replacing new countertops, installing opaque glass doors, and new tiles. You can also install new cabinets and new fixtures for the tub and sinks. Whenever you’re renovating your bathroom’s cabinets, always consider minimalism — all neutral colors, and avoid designs.

5. Upgrading Your Lighting Fixtures

Upgrading your house’s lighting fixtures is an easy and relatively low investment that can give you a great ROI. Additionally, its impact is enormous when intending to sell your house. When deciding whether to use various lighting fixtures like the pendant, ceiling, and chandelier fixtures, ensure you maintain color consistency with house furniture.

You may integrate oiled bronze, copper, or brushed nickel with chrome, but silver and gold tones won’t. Also, avoid using brass lighting fixtures as they are associated with houses built in the ’80s. Therefore, when upgrading your lighting fixtures, ensure you use the latest ones.

6. DIYing Your House Remodeling Yourself

If you decide to refurbish your house by outsourcing to a contractor, you’ll end up incurring two expenses — labor and material costs. Renovating your house by yourself means you’ll eliminate the labor costs. As such, you should consider carrying out DIY house improvement projects to cut costs and increase your returns when selling your house.

Remodeling your house can be a daunting, time-bound, and expensive endeavor. When planning to sell your house, remodeling is the best way to increase your property’s value and give your potential buyers a perfect first impression. However, house renovation doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. Therefore, there are many easy ways for you to remodel your house before selling it. For instance, you can paint, landscape, and floor house home to give it a fresh and valuable appearance. You can also upgrade your bathroom, lighting fixtures, and DIY your house improvement. Ultimately, these strategies will help increase your house’s value before selling it.

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