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COVID Biz: 3 Ways to Improve Workplace Safety

Sierra Powell



Are you looking for the very best ways to improve the safety of your workers? Know that there are plenty of things that you can do to upgrade conditions in this regard. Here are 3 great new ways to improve workplace safety for yourself as well as your workers. The time to introduce them into your own workplace is now.

Observe safe social distancing protocols

There are plenty of effective ways to increase workplace safety. One of them will be to insist that all of the most effective safety protocols are strictly observed. For example, make sure that all of your workers are socially distanced to the correct level.

Make sure that your employees have all of the essential distance barriers, such as clear plastic dividers, in place. These will keep floor workers from coughing and breathing all over each other, thus limiting the potential for infection. These barriers are easy and cost-effective to obtain and are highly recommended.

Another way to help workers is by making sure that their work stations are placed at the minimum safe social distancing rate of six feet apart. It’s important to rearrange their work stations in order to accommodate this rule. Although it may seem rather inconvenient at first, this is a move that is bound to pay off huge in the long run.

Update your employee time clock system

One of the very best things to improve workplace safety is to update the employee time clock system. You can do this by making use of the Quickbooks time clock. This is a new system that has been designed to safely and effectively replace the old generation of timekeeping clocks.

The idea behind the system is a simple but very effective one. It features a Lathem time clock that is designed to provide the ideal system for businesses that are already making use of QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. If this is the case, you are in the perfect position to make a quick and seamless safety transition.

The new Quickbooks system allows for the ability to track and minutely record every punch in and punch out that your workers make during the day. It uses both time clocks and a special PayClock app that is compatible with mobile smartphones. This gives you the flexibility you will need to make sure that each employee on your payroll is being tracked in the correct manner. The system is designed to work as its own failsafe.

You can choose your preferred interface. This can be a proximity badge scanning touchscreen or a biometric time clock that scans faces and fingerprints. These are systems that are designed to eliminate your workers punching in or out for each other. They will give you safe and accurate time measurements in each and every new case.

Let your employees work from home

Another great method to employ to keep the workplace safe is to let as many employees as possible work from home. Use Skype or Zoom conference calls to keep in touch with them as needed. This will allow them to save time, fuel, and money while also allowing them to stay safely indoors and out of harm’s way.

Allowing employees to work from home will keep the office socially distanced in the most literal manner. It will let those of your workers who continue to come to the office stay as far apart as needed with no issues. Many businesses that have gone remote during the course of the pandemic have actually improved their sales and work efficiency. Some may not even go back to in-person work. Now is the time for all businesses to try working remotely if they can, it may just improve business. 

Meanwhile, you can rest assured that your employees who are working from home will have the best chance of avoiding coming into contact with people who have the virus. It’s a win/win situation for all parties involved.

Workplace safety is an ongoing concern

Safety in the workplace should continue to be an ongoing issue even after the Covid-19 pandemic has finally passed. All businesses should continue to observe the latest and most effective techniques to keep their employees safe. Protect employees by adopting the measures listed here. There are a host of others that all business owners should become aware of.

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