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Email Marketing Tips – How to Create Emails That Get Read, Responded To, And Acted On



Email can be an extremely effective customer acquisition tool, yet creating emails that will actually be read, responded to, and taken action upon can be challenging.

Keep these email marketing tips in mind to enhance your results and increase conversions. Personalization, segmenting, bite-size content and an effective call to action are essential ingredients of successful campaigns.

Make it mobile-optimized

Email marketing is an essential tool, and optimizing it for mobile use is especially important given that many people access emails via smartphones. Doing this will increase engagement and success significantly.

One key component of mobile optimization is keeping content short and concise, since people tend to have shorter attention spans on phones than on desktop computers. Furthermore, using easily tappable call-to-actions (CTAs) that are visible and easy for readers to interact with is also key for mobile email success. Finally, testing across a range of mobile devices to ensure it looks good as well as functions properly is also recommended.

Emails that look cluttered or are difficult to read on mobile devices may quickly lose subscribers’ interest and be deleted by subscribers quickly. By increasing margins and adding more white space, emails become easier for mobile readers. Furthermore, psychological techniques like scarcity factor may help increase open rates; try including urgency in subject lines to boost open rates further.

Include a footer

Footers are essential components of an email because they ensure compliance with legal requirements, reinforce brand identity and encourage further engagement with readers. A well-crafted sign off will demonstrate company values while further cementing relationships over time.

An unsubscribe link allows subscribers to opt-out of receiving your emails, while adding a view-in-browser link and safelist request can increase deliverability of email campaigns.

Email footers are typically used for legal disclaimers, but you can go beyond these minimum requirements by customizing the elements you include for your audience and brand identity. Consider including social proof, product updates, etc. As one example from Moo shows their dedication to customers by including messages such as this that show they care for their target market by “moving metaphorical mountains” to ensure they love their products – this shows they care and inspires trust while reminding customers to shop confidently!

Use good manners

Email etiquette is essential in making sure that your emails are received positively by subscribers, whether sending out automated marketing campaign emails or responding to customer queries. Proper behavior ensures your message reaches its intended recipient effectively while making them feel valued as subscribers.

Consider how grammar errors or misspellings could have an impactful on the tone of your email messages, and take the time to proofread and proofread carefully before sending. If you’re having difficulty spotting errors, reading out loud or using spell check can help detect mistakes more efficiently.

Avoid all caps, excessive exclamation points and slang when communicating with customers and colleagues via email. Doing so could come off as aggressive or unprofessional and make it hard for the recipient to take your message seriously. Furthermore, use emoticons or GIFs only when appropriate for the context of the message.

Keep it short

Email doesn’t compare with writing for magazines or billboards, but there are ways of creating more persuasive email. Keep subject lines short to encourage subscribers to open and read content inside the email, while preheaders offer another means of adding information without overcrowding main bodies of emails – aim for 50 to 85 characters depending on client and audience needs.

Make your emails more personalized by including subscriber’s first names or region-specific data in them, making the message less impersonal while helping build strong relationships with your target audience.

Email marketing is a powerful way to build relationships and convert prospects into customers. Following its core fundamentals will ensure your campaigns grab people’s attention and present relevant information that makes taking action easy – so start creating campaigns today and you’ll soon have yourself a loyal following of customers! With practice comes success and building up a solid customer base in no time at all.

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