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Tips on Renting a Car For Business



There are various car rental tips you should keep in mind, including adding an EZ Pass transponder for toll points and planning ahead for child seats if necessary.

Search the price on websites such as Kayak for vehicle rentals – this will allow you to access prices from major rental companies and also local or peer-to-peer rentals such as Turo. You obviously have to be careful, like knowing what to do after an accident, just to be prepared for everything. But, the tips below will surely help you renting and having a better car.

1. Don’t book for a week

No one knows why car rentals tend to be cheaper by booking for just one week instead of an entire month, but booking in advance can save money and ensure you receive your desired vehicle when needed, without incurring upgrades or early return fees from rental companies.

Rental prices can fluctuate drastically, so it’s wise to monitor them frequently. Apps such as Autoslash can track rates and notify you if rates fall, making it easier to secure great bargains. Furthermore, booking ahead gives you peace of mind if prices further drop and cancellation becomes necessary.

2. Fill the tank yourself

Prepaying for gas when renting a vehicle might seem straightforward, but this tactic is one of the sneakiest ways rental companies make their profits. If you decide to do this, be sure to inspect both before picking up and after returning the car for any signs of low or no fuel levels – it is always cheaper and takes only 10 minutes more to fill your own tank yourself!

An effective way to save is by choosing a station farther from the rental company depot. Not only will this save money, but it will ensure that when returning your rental, your gauge is closer to full upon return and you have time to inspect for scratches or damages before receiving a receipt for documentation purposes.

3. Don’t book additional drivers

Additional drivers on a rental car contract can incur extra charges and even cause it to be terminated, since the primary renter assumes full liability for damages to or injuries caused by additional drivers, with personal insurance policies likely not offering coverage.

Instead of adding additional drivers, take time to inspect the car carefully. This includes performing a visual and preexisting damage inspection as well as documenting any issues with it in person with photos taken immediately afterwards if any appear. Doing this in person and taking pictures will help avoid being charged for damages you did not cause and save you money in the long run; inspecting should take approximately 15 minutes; should any issues arise notify the rental agency immediately.

4. Book a vehicle that is eco-friendly

Renting a car can be an economical and efficient way to explore your destination, but with rising gas prices, limited rental car availability and fees attached by companies at drop-off, it is crucial that you know what to watch out for when renting one.

Make sure to shop around online for the best rates, experimenting with dates and locations until you find what best meets your schedule. Consider renting an electric or hybrid vehicle instead; these models tend to be cheaper while being better for the environment, plus many rental agencies now provide reward programs specifically for green customers – you might even earn miles with your airline by making reservations through their site!

5. Book a vehicle for a limited number of days

Save money when renting your next car with these tips from experts: book early and compare rates between times of the year for similar duration rentals;

Before arriving at the counter, it is wise to do your research by viewing quotes for higher-end vehicles. This can give you a baseline value that allows you to establish whether the upgrade price quoted to you matches up with what would normally be expected.

Prices of rental cars fluctuate constantly depending on various factors such as time of week, season (prices spike around holidays), vehicle availability and company demand. With some insider tricks you can secure an excellent rate and even score an upgrade at no cost.

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