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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Video Marketing for Your Product

Andre Oentoro



Video marketing is undisputedly an excellent tool for marketers to build their audience. This type of video has a clear purpose of acquiring customers in a relatively short time. Unlike traditional print marketing, videos can reach out to a broader audience better. 

However, video marketing isn’t new to this age. In fact, viral video content decades ago initiated today’s marketing strategy. It was all started in 1995 when South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker launched the first video marketing named The Spirit of Christmas (Jesus vs. Santa). It was a massive success that the video paved the way to this marketing strategy in the following years. 

Therefore, it’s common for companies to start their campaign with video marketing as it benefits them more than other textual or graphic strategies.

Thanks to today’s Internet landscape, video content isn’t foreign anymore. In contrast, it is the new commodity that people use every day. Also, given the fact that people consume video anytime, anywhere; making it more feasible for business purposes that need higher achievement.

So, if you’re a marketer, there’s no better way except to include video marketing in your campaign strategy. Here are the reasons why:

1) People Love Video

Who doesn’t love video? It’s entertaining. It includes amusing visuals and sounds that leave people stunned. The video itself can be in short and long-form. But people love them either way.

Movies, for example, are always the go-to entertaining destination for many people. Simultaneously, the short-form ones like explainer videos and ad videos are the top reasons viewers purchase a product.

Since the audience is already keen on consuming video, it’s your opportunity to incorporate video marketing into your business. You can expect better results compared to using your old-fashioned campaign.

2) Easy to Remember

Unlike print marketing, which tends to rely on textual context rather than visual, video marketing definitely wins on this rally. A video is a sequence of graphics and sounds that forms a unique delivery. 

This sequence results in a whole new different message that people will easily remember. Simply put, music leaves an important place in the human brain. When listening to a particular music piece, he will remember the feeling when he was once introduced to it. 

However, audio alone doesn’t make a greater impact than a sequence of visuals and music that forms a video. Therefore, this combination can remind the viewer of the message or the brand that appears on it. 

3) Mobile Friendly

Today, a smartphone is widely used. Its simple interface and usage easiness are the primary reasons people opt for mobile over a desktop to watch videos.

Of course, not all videos are best to view on a mobile. But the vast majority uses smartphones as a part of their daily life, such as browsing and sending a message.

However, video marketing is different. It’s specifically designed for the audience who scrolls down on social media more than ever. It’s perfect for implementing your campaign without anyone feeling irritated.  

4) Incredibly Shareable

Video marketing is a short-form video content that aims to generate leads across multiple platforms. This specification makes it easy for people to share your video effortlessly on social media.

All they have to do is click the share button and then done. Your video marketing is now spread anywhere. 

Most social media doesn’t allow the long-form video to be published. Not only does it make the loading page slower, but it also lowers the audience’s retention. Thus, making it a perfect medium for video marketing to be around across social media platforms. 

5) Higher Engagement

A video has a higher engagement on social media than a simple image. Although both serve the same message, the former has better retention and audience interaction on each post.

The reason being is that video attracts users quickly than other forms of marketing information. Typically, users will stop scrolling when there’s a video shown in their timeline.

Unlike images; people don’t mind it that much and keep on scrolling down. Although both videos and pictures are a part of marketing strategy, videos look appealing at first glance that urges people to watch.

6) Short and Concise Message

If you know this saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Then you must know that a video is worth a thousand pictures. Simply put, a video speaks louder than a single picture, which sometimes leaves the audience confused over the actual message.

Moreover, a picture has a limitation in terms of word numbers, spaces, and illustrations. It won’t fit all the messages you want to deliver if you only use a single picture. You can squeeze down the full information as it decreases the value of the picture itself.

In contrast, video content can compile the complete message without making it less attractive. For example, you can convert a bulky marketing text into a short video that delivers the same message and makes everything more concise.   

7) Improve Brand Trust

First off, video production isn’t cheap at all. It requires a lot of resources both in the production cost and brand’s messages. In short, having video marketing improves your brand’s credibility as the audience thinks the effort you put into making one.

Your video marketing can also represent how your company truly is. Showcasing a company’s culture isn’t uncommon in this business world. So, when you put another side story of your brand, people can get an understanding of your brand entirely.

In addition, video marketing is used as a competition tool to capture the audience’s attention. The reason being is that your competitors must have used this strategy to broaden their market. If you don’t apply this scheme soonly, you’ll lose your audience to another company. 

8) Boost SEO

Google search engine loves video. It can give an apparent reason whether your site is deemed credible or not. When you have video content on your site, you help visitors to find out the information quickly.

It also helps the search engine to identify the relevancy of your video and your content. The more relevant it is to your site, your site’s higher chance will get on the search engine’s first page.

Moreover, the visitors will find it useful as they can opt to watch a video instead of reading the long text information on your site. It can also hold your visitors to stay longer on your site, hence reducing the bounce rates.

9) Increase Conversion Rates

Video marketing is proven to increase the conversion rate in a matter of time. It’s not some understatement; in fact, using video marketing is the shortcut to achieve this state as the video format itself is already attractive.

The sequence can be like this. People love to watch videos on the Internet; marketers publish video marketing on it. With a strong tactic, your videos are now present on the users’ timeline. It’s unavoidable for them to get rid of such a video, making them watch it for some time.

Here’s the next magic thing. Your video marketing is beautifully designed to capture the audience’s attention with its stunning narration and moving pictures. When people are curious about it, they won’t think twice to click on the call-to-action you provide at the end. That’s how conversion rates come from.

10) Shows Better ROI

If you remember the case of Dollar Shave Club, you must understand this section very well. The news about this company is widely spread among marketers, and one of the best study cases ever happened in the marketing world.

This razor blade company has an overnight success with its famous video marketing. Dollar Shave Club invested $4,500 in a humor-filled explainer video only to turn it into a whopping $1 billion company. 

That’s a massive success considering it was a pretty new company in the industry. It’s all because of one single video marketing in the form of an explainer video that made it successful. 


Video marketing is a vital part of a marketing strategy. If you’re a marketer, it’s a loss to emit this scheme into your campaign as it’s proven to benefit you more.

Unlike other marketing strategies, video marketing is exceptional as it uses a sequence of visual, sound, and narration that aims to grab the audience’s attention pretty fast. 

Don’t wait until you experience hindering sales. Incorporate video marketing into your scheme right now. You’ll get more advantages than you ever did with the old-fashioned marketing strategy. 

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