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Tips to Choose the Right Salesforce Consulting Partner

We are here with some top approaches you may try while selecting a Salesforce consulting partner.



Well, it’s well known that not only you but most of the companies also find it a little difficult task to choose the right Salesforce Consulting partner.

Today, we are here with some top approaches you may try while selecting a Salesforce partner.

  Be a Well-Informed Buyer

Learn before you get in. It’s the time when you will be stepping into a well-known framework holding exceptional potential and boundless capabilities when you incorporate extra apps. You should go watching free demo videos to attain a sense of what can be achieved. Generally, if you are pressurized by the technology, then be sure you have someone in your staff to help you out.

  Connect with Your Account Executive

The Salesforce team supports its account executives to identify Salesforce partners in your verticals and also those who hold expertise in the use case or process you are targeted on. They can also assist you by shortlisting partners who have experience in the same area. You can also review partners who are qualified and certified to deliver in the market.

  Try Your Network to Pick a Recommended Partner/Second Opinion

Search a company with your similar needs and size. Perfectly, they can train and support you with the lessons they have learned. You will have a cluster of information about your potential Salesforce consultants, their projects, and their products at your tips.

  You can post a Request for Proposal (RFP) but Don’t Rely Entirely on your RFP

In the current scenario, your RFP is your out of the box thought. The only issue is that you don’t have any experience in CRM, so will don’t know which issues they can resolve, and will require help to ensure that you may emerge with something innovative, not with just a copy of the old software. It’s ok that you have RFP, but you should also use the RFP to begin your discussion and make a list of interested Salesforce consultants. Good consultants hold a process, you should ask them for case studies, demos, and then think of whether you will fit better with their performance.

  Choose an Expert, Not Just an Order-Taker

Experts may be more expensive, may ask you some uninteresting questions, and may take a lead. They have huge experience with projects like yours and are well aware of the success conditions and will also hold a process they can start with. On the contrary, order takers are the developers who follow your words. Saying openly, you are in a search for the former one. Moreover, choose a partner who is proficient at the organizational model you have. Some Salesforce consultants are best at delivering to grassroots environmental companies.

  Keep Aside a Budget

If you don’t have such, then you are not looking for a consultant, you are seeking a volunteer. Volunteers are hard to be caught, and they offer the same as they are paid. So, you should talk about your budget with your potential Salesforce consultants and ensure that you are on the right projection.

  Project Management Methods

You should know about the project management methods belonging to your consultant and ensure that you find the input amount enough throughout the project. Ask to have the entire work recorded early so that you can acknowledge how your new system performs and drive it to success along the pathway.

  Don’t Underestimate Data Migration Cost

You should beware of the value and the struggle of bringing your data into Salesforce. It’s not like Salesforce is hard, but data is, specifically, when you are using up data from various excel spreadsheets, Outlook contacts, and more. Data migration can become complex rapidly, it is hard to guess, it can be expensive, and may also prove itself to be worthy. If you have trust in your data in your new Salesforce system, then chances are high that your project will attain success.

  Follow Phases Strategies

Have trust in your Salesforce consultant and allow that trust to develop by performing a phased strategy for your project. Incorporate paying for innovation besides your implementation, so that you can be confident when it comes to recommendations before you finalize signing the bigger amount.

  Avoid the Pull of Bargain

Sometimes there exist two options – one of the same quality, other, less expensive. In that case, you know which one to choose. It’s also not like, the expensive one delivers the best. Salesforce partners who are available at less cost as compared to an hourly rate, state that you are going to lose in one or the other way, it can be work quality, expertise level, business experience, and more. In some cases, the risk may not be so high, like if you hold some simple and straightforward requests. Again, “simple” is subjective. We have learned well enough that the extra charges of a well-reputed, established Salesforce consulting firm is the true bargain on a long way out.

  • Ask for Constant Support and Long Term Connection

You should talk to your partner about the after completion scenario. If you are implementing a wide and deep implementation, you will require to find a Salesforce partner who holds an account management program and clear support as you incorporate future improvements. 

Wrapping Lines

Our final advice is to choose a Salesforce consulting partner with whom you can build trust. If it’s possible, connect with all the experts who will drive your project to success. Go for the best as per your budget.

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