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5 Ways Salesforce AppExchange Can Benefit Your Company

Salesforce AppExchange products come in packages. The unmanaged package focuses on open projects and allows developers to include their modifications. Managed packages are fully built and distributed to customers with little room for personal modification.




The Salesforce AppExchange empowers organizations to diversify the functionality of Salesforce across each business department. It consists of 5,000 solutions ready to install, over 6 million customer installs, and about 60,000 peer reviews to tackle any business challenge.

The Salesforce AppExchange can benefit your company in the following ways:

Zero To Low Maintenance Costs

Developers develop and update the commercial software that is available on the AppExchange app development marketplace. Therefore, organizations do not need to consider maintenance costs and technical debt. In short, they only require minimal maintenance costs.

When you’re looking for the best app to enhance your company’s success, functionality, scalability, and cost are three main things to consider. The Salesforce AppExchange offers vast potential in helping you run your company and at low costs.

Increase Exposure Of Product Through The Customer Base

Customers are integral to any company, and a reliable customer base is a key to success. Research shows that the Salesforce customer base is proliferating, with more than 6.5 million customers to date.

The AppExchange is the solid ground for customers to look for applications to extend their customer relationship management. Therefore, customers know that businesses listed on the AppExchange have better security reviews and partner approval.

It allows the sales team to manage its relationship with past, existing, and potential customers. It offers a platform for companies to assess customers and understand their needs, interests, and preferences.

Integrating your company’s applications to Salesforce increases the functionality for your customers and makes them more trustable. The more a company connects with tools like Salesforce AppExchange that customers use daily, the higher the customer base.

Helps Improve the Function of the HR

The human resource department is, by far, one of the most important in an organization. Employees are crucial to an organization, and managing or handling them determines whether they will stay or look for better opportunities.

Human resources managers in the AppExchange usually upload training and managing modules for employees. On the same note, they use the app to track and manage their workforce. This can be a tiring process when conducted manually, and the platform helps to simplify such tasks.

Companies can benefit from training modules uploaded by old users. These packages come in managed or unmanaged forms, and companies that opt for the unmanaged forms can modify them based on their specifications.

HR managers can assign roles to employees through the Salesforce AppExchange. Additionally, they can track and assess the performance of employees in these training modules. Empowered and skilled employees, on the other hand, will offer better services to a company.

Build Relationships and Grow Your Business Together with Others

AppExchange is a unique platform that allows businesses to interact and connect with partners using the AppExchange for a long time. Such connections allow companies to learn the best practices and apply them to their business in a way that promotes growth to the next level.

The platform involves partners that interact and work with each other. Some partners leverage partner solutions built in their product to help solve problems and increase functionality. It can be a learning place for a new business. 

Companies can identify the best practice, assess their projects, and improve based on the best course of action. It’s worth noting that relationships in the platform might help sellers identify important people and brainstorm the best way to attract and retain customers.

Helps Run and Organize Events

When it comes to planning, you need an application that can connect different activities seamlessly. AppExchange is one such platform. It makes it easier for organizations to coordinate activities efficiently at a go.

For example, it allows different departments to send information to each other and update their systems based on the information. For example, the Human Resource department can quickly know the number of workers that need training or promotion.

Salesforce AppExchange can manage various elements such as agendas, online registration, and logistics planning. More importantly, it is easy to access and use, which makes it an integral part of your organization’s functioning.


The Salesforce AppExchange is the way to go due to its immense benefits for any business. It’s an easy-to-install app and has proof of improved functionality, efficiency, and reliability for business. 

Based on our research, it is clear that it can benefit your business in various ways. It will improve the human resource function, promote efficiency in the management of events and agendas, and help reduce technical and maintenance costs.

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