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Over the last two years, many people have turned back to education in order to boost their career chances, some as a result of losing employment and others looking to bolster their chances of a longer career. We are seeing people training to become semi truck accident attorneys, accountants, human resource managers, vets, and nurses to name just a few. What has become important for these people is that they continue to make money whilst they are studying, and these are some of the ways that they have found to make money from home.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping companies are bigger than ever before and thanks to the internet they are accessible to everyone. Simply put a drop shipping company allows someone to operate a business without necessarily having a warehouse to store products. The idea is to set up an online store and work directly with manufacturers which will then deliver directly to the consumer. Whilst this does take some work to set up, once the business has been created you only need to focus on marketing and customer service. This is a great way to make an income as you study.

Online Tutoring

Students all over the world turn to the internet when they want to support with their studies and you can use your qualifications and your experience to help them out. Tutoring can be done across a video calling service which means that you will not have to leave the comfort of your home to help people out. This means that you can pack in as many sessions as you have time for, ensuring that you continue to make money as you are studying something new yourself.

Article Contributions

Many online magazines and niche websites rely on the contributions of freelance writers in order to maintain a high level of quality content on their websites. If you have a particular area of specialized knowledge and an ability to write engaging content you can contribute and make money for each word that you write. Whilst you will have deadlines to meet, you will be able to carry out this work at a time which is suitable for you, ensuring that your studies are not interrupted.

Sell Your Goods

Websites like Etsy have allowed so many people around the world to sell their own handmade creations to the wider world, and they can help you to do exactly the same. If you like to make certain products at home then you now have the perfect portal on which to sell them, which can help to support your lifestyle during your studies. Be sure to focus on the quality of the product and offer a high level of customer service to those who love your wares.

These are just some of the many examples of how people are supplementing their income whilst they try to boost their value in the jobs market so that they can make the career change that they have always dreamed of.

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