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Business interruption insurance protects the financial status of your business during an extended period of time where your business is closed. Business interruption coverage pays for lost income incurred from the shuttering of your business. The coverage can also cover the income loss caused by the closing of your business facility due to a fire, flooding, tornado, vandalism or theft.

Many businesses purchase business interruption insurance as part of their overall insurance plan. It helps to protect their company against loss or damage due to natural disasters and other events. If a natural disaster occurs that damages or completely closes down the business facility, your business-insurance coverage can replace or repair the physical plant. Your business insurance can also provide funds to help pay for other expenses incurred due to the shutdown of your business. In addition, business interruption insurance will pay for any lost revenue due to your customers not being able to order goods or services during the period of time your business is shut down.

There are different types of business interruption policies available to businesses. The primary type of interruption coverage offered is “whole of business interruption policy.” This coverage provides protection to you if your business has suffered from any number of major incidents that result in the sudden closure of your business. Some examples of the types of events that are considered major include the following: fire, flood, vandalism, theft, lightning strike, vandalism, power failure or any other cause that causes major disruption to your daily business operations.

The other primary type of coverage offered under this category of business insurance policy is the “specified damage coverage”special damages coverage.” This coverage provides financial coverage for the monetary losses resulting from damages caused by a natural disaster, equipment breakdown, medical equipment malfunction, theft or robbery, and vandalism.

You can buy your business interruption coverage individually or as part of a group policy. If you buy business interruption coverage as part of a package with other business insurance policies you will likely pay a lower premium rate. A package policy usually includes the replacement cost of any damaged machinery, inventory or other business property.

Business insurance can protect you from the financial losses, financial hardships and even the psychological affects of being shut down. It is important to have this type of coverage on your policy to protect your investment, but also to help reduce the effects of the hardship. {of being shut down. If you have purchased business interruption coverage, you can avoid being put in the position of having to rely upon government assistance and charity to provide you with some of your business needs while you are in the process of being closed. This can prevent a detrimental impact to your business reputation.

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