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7 Creative Ideas To Sell Your Property Fast



When deciding to sell your home, a dream for many is that the sale is smooth and hassle-free. Sellers want to make their homes ready for purchase with as little work as possible. They want a house that passes inspections without pause, a buyer who is eager to move in, and a check ready to exchange hands. However, selling a home is rarely that simple.


Selling a home takes more effort and is rarely hassle-free. However, there are some creative things that you can do to help you sell your house fast. Some of those things are:

Get your neighbors involved.

Often, neighbors know your plans to sell your home when the sale sign shows up in your front yard. However, taking a minute to write a letter to your neighbors beforehand may get your house sold faster. First, let your neighbors know that you’ll miss them. Then, without talking about money, give them other details on your sale. Your neighbors will appreciate the heads up and have first dibs to let their family and friends know about your property.

Offer a trial stay.

If you have moved all of your personal belongings from your home for staging, offering potential buyers an overnight or weekend stay in the house. This is a fun way for buyers to get a trial stay and a taste of waking up in the neighborhood. Sleeping there will give potential buyers the entire experience and access to everything that your house has to offer.

Add a bonus

One thing that people love is something free. If you have a big-screen television in your home, surround sound speakers, or even something like a wall unit for books that fit a wall in your home perfectly, as an incentive for a faster sale, consider leaving one of them for the purchaser. Giving away an extravagant gift is always appreciated by new homeowners.

Have brunch at the open house.

Take your open house to the next level by offering brunch or lunch during the three or four-hour open house window. Without spending too much money, you can hire a cook and a waiter to serve water, pop, or even wine and puff pastries on paper plates as potential homeowners walk through your home. The ambiance and casual atmosphere will make potential buyers more relaxed as they look around.

Post virtual tours.

Get creative with a video tour of your home. Many are letting agents in North London start at the front door and go through each room, explaining stand-out features, hidden spaces, and dimensions. Before recording, declutter and remove personal items. Make sure that you record during the day and that your home has good lighting. Then, post the video on your social media pages informing viewers that the house will be for sale soon and giving a sneak peek at the same time.

Add more than curb appeal.

Adding layers and colors to your outside gardening offers more than curb appeal to your home. Plants and flowers draw attention, and prospective buyers are encouraged by a home taken care of on the outside – it makes them eager to see what’s inside. Therefore, don’t just put a row of flowers in your flowerbed; add layers of color and different types of flowers. Also, if your mailbox is down on the curb, go on and put some flowers around it too.

Offer to help with closing.

Once your house has a potential buyer, conceding to pay the closing costs is a huge financial help for the buyer. It frees up some of their money for repairs or renovations that they may want to do on their new property. It also can make the entire closing go more smoothly.


Selling a home takes effort and is usually far from hassle-free. However, there are some creative things that you can do to help you sell your house fast. Some of those things are getting your neighbors involved, letting prospective buyers have a trial stay, add a bonus to the house sale, offer brunch during the open house, post virtual tours, add more than curb appeal to your property, help with closing costs.

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