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5 Trends That Will Shape Web Design In 2022



We will always have web elements like content, navigation, or visual design. But, there are always new trends we have to be aware of that will make or break new websites. The following trends are those we have to keep our eyes on in 2022. They are going to surely be all around and you will want to use them.

Creating Cinema-Style Homepages

There are already numerous websites that include cinema-style homepages. In case you are not aware of them, they are practically full screen video stories. The user quickly gets immersed into the site.

The reason why this trend is so big is that the visitor is quickly introduced to the most important parts of the website. Attention grabbing becomes a reality and the user is instantly hooked. Adding elements like vignettes and slow-motion effects can only make the homepage better.

Smart Content Loading

One of the most important web design tips you have to remember is that you want to focus on user experience. The website cannot be successful if the experience of the user is bad. And most sites out there are really slow, usually due to the integration of several third-party elements and heavy graphical elements.

In 2022, we will see countless new sites that will only load content as the user has to see it. In social media sites, this has been used for several years. And this will be an even bigger part of modern website development.

Using Personalized Content

The content that should be seen first when a visitor comes to your site is exactly what they want to see. This is why personalized content will be a very big part of modern web design. It will offer the customers a higher level of trust and confidence when it comes to interacting with a business. Designing sites in 2022 will focus on the content that is created and using anything that is personalized for the viewer can be a very big addition.

Toggling Between Dark And Light Mode

What initially started as an option preferred by gamers, it is now a design element we can only see as being mandatory. Website designers often do not really understand what this really means. Some do not even want to offer it. Those who are skeptical should just implement it to see if it is being used or not by visitors. There will be surprises.

Basically, web design needs to use color palettes suitable for both dark and light modes. Then, switching will be really simple and will not negatively affect visibility. Since most devices do support this option, it is something you really want to consider.

Overlapping Web Design Elements

Last but not least, this is a design trend you have to be a little careful with since it has to be carefully implemented. Overlapping designs can make everything a lot better but it can also affect website readability. Make sure that overlapping pages always remain readable. Also, the collapse of pages should not affect readability.

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