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Why You Need Jira Test Management Tools




With the rise in the demand for the simplest quality software products and applications by the end-users, we are observing fierce competition within the software development market. Every single day a replacement startup emerges meaning to be a market leader via claiming to be the simplest quality software, product provider. However, many of those startups did not do so and earned the title of false claimants with their brand names and within days concluded their businesses. 

This is often all due to the emerging trends within the market, the cleverness of the end-users when it involves evaluating the software products of various brands and new technologies. Under this example, it’s very difficult for organizations to cope up with the competition, to satisfy the stress and expectations of users, and make themselves the market leader. Software testing comes in situ as a key success factor for several organizations while other organizations are still within the thought process of conducting an efficient software testing process to cater to the stress of users about quality.

Before delving into the ways organizations can grow it’s important to know that before releasing the software within the market, it must be tested to make sure quality by giving developers an opportunity to rectify the defects in order that the software works. Needless to say, it satisfies the customer and improves revenue. For startups, maybe manual testing suffices the testing needs and requirements but manual testing can’t convince the one best thanks to becoming a market leader. Testing may be a process filled with troubles like managing test cases, duplication of tests, communication gaps within the teams, and far more. To cater to those challenges of software testing, Jira test management tools are an excellent hand for test managers and teams.

How do Jira test management tools prove themselves to be a saving grace for QA managers?

Test management tools function perfectly when integrating multiple facets of software testing is the job at hand. This will improve resource utilization, quality, and test speed while reducing workload and costs. Tools differ in flexibility, effectiveness, ability, scope, etc. But not all test management tools are made the same. Some differ in terms of effectiveness, scope and mobility. Now the choice is of the organizations whether or not they want to utilize one tool that’s best at ensuring the effectiveness alternatively using two or more test management tools to achieve multiple combinations, for instance, both flexibility and scope. However, we propose you’ve got one comprehensive solution that most accurately fits your organization and its business project requirements. A typical tool captures the test requirements, assists in designing the test cases, maps the test cases to the wants and generates test execution reports.

The Perfect Jira Test Management Tool

Kualitee may be the defacto cloud-based option for manual and automation testing. The tool features a strong dashboard, stress-free project management, requirement planning and test suite management among others. It also integrated seamlessly with Jira, Selenium, Bitbucket, and Jenkins. Additionally, to the present, Kualitee also allows for a variety of powerful traceability reports and metrics, defect tracking functionality, smart reports module, and snapshots of Test Cases contained during a test plan or story.

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