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Top Five Ways To Successfully Block Spam Messages



Spam Messages

You might agree that few events prove more annoying than receiving repeated spam tests on your mobile phone. Researchers have found that more than 4 billion of these junk correspondences are transmitted in the United States each year.

If you are amongst the millions of people impacted by these nuisance messages, you likely wonder what efforts you can undertake to block them successfully.

Five favored methods employed to achieve this aim include:

Blocking The Spammer’s Number

Amongst the most effective ways concerning how to stop spam texts are to block the spammer’s number.

This task is relatively easy to perform and can be done on any mobile phone. Specific directions will depend on the type of phone you possess, the particular model of said device, and the operating system you employ.

If you own an iPhone, simply access the text containing the number you yearn to block and click on the sender’s number. After completing this stage, click on the Info icon. When the Details screen appears, highlight the question’s phone number and then choose Block This Caller and Block Content.

Should you use an Android device, click on the phone heading, open the three-dot icon on the screen’s upper right-hand corner, and access Settings. After executing this initial step, click on Block Numbers. You will then be brought to a list of numbers. Simply click on or manually enter the particular contacts you desire to block.

Do Not Reply

Technology experts suggest that answering spam texts fuels a spammer’s fire and inspire said individual, organization, or business entity to keep submitting further correspondences.

Therefore, you are implored to never reply to any text you believe to be junk.

Additionally, when spammers learn specific contact numbers are legitimate, said subjects or entities are more inclined to give or even sell your number to other junk message transmitters. Ergo, responding will likely manifold increase the number of spam texts you receive.

Keep Private Information As Private As Humanly Possible

Many spammers are smart and occasionally even a bit evil. Particular garbage messages might appear as a vital communique from establishments, such as financial institutions, taxing authorities, credit companies, and other legitimate agencies.

Posing as such entities, malfeasant-intentioned spammers might request you provide them pertinent personal information, including your social security number, checking or savings account numbers, your date of birth, and other intimate details.

Typically, reputable establishments and organizations will not demand that you provide such information in a text message. In consideration of such facts, you should never offer personal information via text message under any circumstances.

If you have any concerns, contact your bank, credit card provider, state or federal Internal Revenue Services, department stores, or any other established entity, discuss the raised concerns with their representatives, and iron out any perceived discrepancies.

Furthermore, you are urged to give out your cell phone number to as few people as possible. Whenever applicable, the lucky contact recipients only should be family, close friends, and necessary professional contacts.

File A Complaint With The Appropriate Authorities

Periodically, filing complaints with the proper authorities might produce favorable results.

You could first bring the problem to your service provider’s attention. Many of the major mobile phone service companies enable you to copy and paste the offending text and all other associated information to 7729, which spells out SPAM. After completing this process, the data is processed, and future correspondences should cease.

The Federal Trade Commission, sometimes abbreviated as the FTC, also accepts complaints regarding spam texts. According to the FTC’s established policy, submitting unsolicited commercial correspondences to a mobile device violates the law. Therefore, the said  organization might be of assistance in getting such messages to stop.

Ask The Offender To Stop

Such advice might seem simple and only apply in a perfect world. That said, some reputed companies might halt the action if such requests are made. Moreover, other businesses and organizations might even make personal inquiries asking if you would like to stop receiving texts from them.

Spam texts have become a bothersome part of mobile phone ownership. However, they do not have to be. You might reduce or possibly even eliminate these correspondences by following the preceding simple tips.

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