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7 Top Eco-Friendly UK Companies Making A Difference

Meet these 7 eco-friendly companies making an effort to implement environmentally friendly practices and contribute to the well-being of planet earth.



We are all doing our bit to save this planet. From bringing recyclable shopping sacks to the grocery store to using fewer plastic bottles. It’s safe to assume that most of us are modifying our habits to become more ecologically conscious. Such measures are unquestionably required to address the environmental emergency and crisis of peak pollution and carbon dioxide levels.

The corporate sector is starting to recognize the significance of sustainable development. The variety of ‘environmental’ products and services – from sustainability apps to plant-based meat – has never really been larger, and its expansion occurs at an opportune time. Businesses look to use more renewable resources, produce minimal wastage, and try to source more environmental options.

Customers like to purchase from or even engage with firms who care about the environment and benefit – thus it would be to the greatest advantage of businesses to embrace an ‘environmentally friendly’ attitude.

Green enterprises come in a variety of forms. Many would emphasize environmentally friendly workplace architecture as well as include more green practices, while many would switch to green energy providers. In addition, there seems to be an increasing number of greener small businesses whose sole aim is to provide ecologically sustainable items and services.

Find a few examples here so you know how and where to shop and order greener.

1. Grow Bristol

Grow Bristol employs permaculture (a method of plant growth but without mud), smart agriculture, and regulated environmental technologies to cultivate the organic farmland for tomorrow. It has enabled them to raise high-quality vegetables without the need for insecticides throughout the year. During its testing stage, it produced 3 tons of vegetables from 50 different types and transported everything on an electrified scooter.

  • City: Bristol, UK
  • Number of employees: around 200 employees
  • Products/services: producing vegetables and transporting those.
  • Best eco-friendly practices: producing vegetables without using insecticides

2. Quick Wasters

Quick Wasters is one of the leading green waste removal and rubbish clearance service providers in London. The company handles waste removal in a professional and environmentally friendly manner.  It helps various clients like manufacturing factories, large consumer plants, large restaurants, and complex shopping centres to compose of their building, commercial and even toxic waste in the most eco-friendly ways, with the aim to recycle all suitable items or even donating them to charities. Quick wasters are fully licensed and insured per the Work Regulation Standards in London.

  • City: London
  • Number of employees: 10 employees
  • Products/services: providing rubbish clearance services with eco-friendly methods.
  • Best eco-friendly practices: ensure that all waste is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly ways, using only licensed recycling plants.

3. Toast

Remember the first instance when you tossed out food? This Yorkshire-based brewing company makes its award-winning beers from leftover bread and slices from snack shops and bakers. In the United Kingdom, an average of 44 percent of the loaf is discarded, contributing to the country’s £20 billion foodstuff wastage issue. Toast additionally donates 100% of its proceeds to organizations working to alleviate this situation.

  • City: South London
  • Number of employees: around 16 employees
  • Products/services: Beer, Bread
  • Best eco-friendly practices: Making beer from excess bread, also donates 100% of its profits to organizations

4. Express Waste Removals

Express Waste Removals offer green house office and builders’ waste collection services to London residents. Their waste collection services are highly effective, and their waste disposal services include recycling heavy, bulky, small, and large items, pieces of furniture, electrics, IT appliances, and more. Their goal is to support every London household with their recycling as they collect, sort and transport the waste to the correct waste disposal units.

  • City: London
  • Number of employees: 15 employees
  • Products/services: providing rubbish clearance and recycling services for bulky items.
  • Best eco-friendly practices: works with care for the nature and their man and van services are dedicated to keeping the environment clean through thorough and affordable waste removals.

5. All Junk Removal

All Junk Removal is an experienced same-day rubbish removal company that also operates as a recycling company always trying to implement the best possible practices in regard to the reduction of waste pollution through its expert recycling services. They offer various waste collection services to both commercial and residential customers within London. The company collects all types of junk except hazardous materials and asbestos.

  • City: London
  • Number of employees: 15 employees
  • Products/services: same-day rubbish clearance and recycling services for households and businesses.
  • Best eco-friendly practices: The company charges prices depending on the volume, weight, and type of the rubbish being collected and try to offer reduced rates for recycling.

6. London Rubbish Removal

London Rubbish Removal will help you get rid of your rubbish with expert removal services rather than to hire a skip. Because they will ensure that reusable items will be donated to charity, recyclable items will be transported to the right recycling centres and what to do with the rest like electronic waste such as computers and electronic equipment.

  • City: London
  • Number of employees: 9 employees
  • Products/services: man with a van rubbish removals and recycling services for private and corporate clients.
  • Best eco-friendly practices: The company collect everything from office furniture, piles of paper and e-waste such as computers, monitors, wires without additional charges.

7. Top Wasters

Top Wasters boast of a unique van network guaranteeing exceptionally fast services at affordable prices. The company collects and takes way all types of junk that include general household waste, office and commercial junk, garden waste, furniture items like mattresses or sofas and anything else you are not sure how to discard. They are a certified company by the environment agency and are registered with them as a waste carrier, broker, and dealer. Not only do they take your rubbish away but they’ll sort it as well, separating the trash from the treasures that can be taken to a dealer or thrift shop, or to a recycling centre.

  • City: London
  • Number of employees: 20 employees
  • Products/services: same-day man and van rubbish removal and recycling services for private and corporate clients.
  • Best eco-friendly practices: The company follows the strict guidelines outlined by the environment agency for their rubbish removal and recycling services.

Now you are better informed about some eco-friendly practices companies can implement and ideally should to make this planet a better place. If you as a customer support such businesses then you will have a bigger impact on boosting the environmental changes rather than just doing it by yourself.

Author: Manuela Willbold

Copywriter and Educator by Passion | Senior Online Media & PR Strategist at ClickDo Ltd. | Contributor to many Education, Business & Lifestyle Blogs in the United Kingdom & Germany | Summer Course Student at the London School of Journalism and Course Instructor at the SeekaHost University.

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