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Which Home Improvements are a worthy Investment adding value to my Property?



The property market never stops moving and if you are looking to achieve the best return with your property before putting it up for sale then you should consider certain home improvements that increase the value of your home. 

Consider the tips below to plan home improvements and house moves best and most cost-effectively so that you can reinvest the extra cash into your next home. 

Most popular Home Improvements Homebuyers spend big Money on

Homebuyers are now looking for different features when buying a new home as the pandemic has changed requirements and demands. 

This impacts what buyers are spending more on and you should take advantage of this. 

Top 5 value-adding indoor home improvements  

(The findings are taken from this year’s Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report) 

  1.   Loft conversion £12,951  
  2.   Newly renovated kitchen £10,649  
  3.   Newly renovated bathroom £9,011  
  4.   Home gym £8,004  
  5.   Home office (inside the home) £7,630  

You first need to evaluate whether the investment is worth it. Remember, you can always save money by doing some upgrading yourself, if you can. 

Check out household quotes and compare carefully before planning your improvements. On average a newly renovated kitchen could cost you around £8k while a buyer may be willing to pay an additional 11k for it if they fall in love with it. 

A home office will certainly be a bonus for anybody looking for a new home. When setting it up you should consider smart and green living features for the home office as they will reduce costs while many buyers will appreciate them as environmentalists. 

After all the renovation work is completed, you will require cheap rubbish removal services to clear the left-over rubble and old furniture for a reasonable price that will not take too much out of your return. 

Top 5 value-adding outdoor home improvements 

  1.     Swimming pool £7,707  
  2.     Home office garden room £5,325  
  3.     Summerhouse £5,249  
  4.     Gym/studio room in the garden £5,107  
  5.     Greenhouse £3,805  

Many homebuyers now look for a spacious and useful garden area since government enforced lockdowns meant less outdoor movement in public spaces. So, homebuyers are willing to pay a higher price for additional features as part of the outdoor space.

However, you need to do your calculations first. Adding a swimming pool can cost you £60k and only give you a return of around £8k. This certainly won’t be a value-adding investment so stay away from extensive outdoor improvements. 

Any garden rubbish left after the garden make-over should be removed and collected by professionals that offer affordable and fast same day rubbish removal services to ensure your garden is decluttered and tidy before showing potential homebuyers around. 

Sell your Property and Make Money when Moving 

Once you are ready to move into your new property you may want to avoid any more stress and work. 

For your move you can look for the fastest man with a van service as soon as possible and contact a suitable junk removal services provider to take care of your move and end of tenancy cleaning for you. Compare their estimates and quotes and choose the best one.  

Most rubbish removal services are available seven days of the week and they will offer a wide variety of services like household clearing, garden clearing or even building waste removal. Compare the quotes of the Top 10 Rubbish Removal Companies and go for the best deal. 

Improve and upgrade your home today, make a profit and move into your new dream home to take on the next project. After all, home improvement is fun and can turn into a hobby or even profession. As you can see, it pays well when done right and it can be a very creative and fulfilling activity. 

Author bio:

Manuela Willbold 

I am an Online Media & PR strategist at ClickDo Ltd. & SeekaHost Ltd. and a Blogger and Educator by Passion. I am also a contributor to many News, Business, Education and Lifestyle Blogs in the United Kingdom. I have completed a journalism summer course at the London School of Journalism and manage various blogs.

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