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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Small Business

Sierra Powell



If you are a small business owner, you need to utilize every opportunity to maintain and grow your business in an ever-growing competitive environment. Unfortunately, many business owners do not know how to go about improving their business. However, just like you need a business plan to start your business, you need a plan of action to improve it as well. Here are five simple steps to help you begin the process of improving your small business.

Targeted Marketing

Not everyone is going to be a prospective customer for a business. There is no need to waste marketing dollars on people who cannot be serviced or interested in the products or services offered. The Internet has provided an opportunity to directly target individuals who are most likely to do business with a company. Social media marketing, search engine marketing, and retargeting are great places to start to build an efficient and effective marketing campaign targeted towards actual prospects. Targeted marketing will help you spend less money and get a better return on your marketing dollars’ investment.

Merchant Services

Having a great product or service to sell is excellent. Having customers who are interested in spending money with you is even better. However, these things make it of utmost importance to every business owner that they have quality merchant services that quickly and securely process multiple payment forms. Most small businesses either opt to utilize merchant services with their local bank, or they use one of the merchant services that are most popular with small to medium size businesses. No matter which option a small business owner may choose, they need to ensure that the company they do business with has the right security to protect their customers’ information and provides them quick access to their profits to cover their business expenses. Every small business needs to make sure that they utilize merchant services that can grow with a company. If your business has outgrown your current merchant services provider, it may be time for an upgrade.

Applied Technology

Technology is a beautiful thing. Small business owners should always look to find ways to utilize technology to help them improve the product or services they offer. Technology can also help employees do their job better and help business owners analyze information faster to make better decisions for the direction of their business. Improving the use of technology in a business can mean many things. It may be buying more up-to-date computers. It could be utilizing specialized software related to a business or upgrading new tools to serve the customers better. Using the latest technology is an ongoing process for every small business and should never be overlooked.

Business Credit

All businesses go through good and bad times. It is vital always to have access to funds to help you make it through those difficult periods. This is why building and continuing to develop business credit is essential to every company. From the very beginning, every company should get a D and B number. D & B stands for Duns and Bradstreet. This is the number one credit bureau for businesses. This number and a companies EIN, employer identification number, are the two most important numbers assigned to a company. Every tradeline, vendor account, or installment loan will be associated with these numbers. While a personal guarantee may be required in some cases, as a business continues to grow, the practice of good financial management will be reflected on the business credit report. This will make it much easier to acquire the funds you need to expand your business or face turbulent times with regards to your business.

Savings Reinvestment

Savings is an important part of every business. When possible, a small number of net profits should be allocated to savings. The savings can be used to help the company during a financial downtime or off-season, or they can help the business take its vantage of growth opportunities and expansion. No business should be without a serious savings plan that will help protect them now and in the future.

Improving your business and taking it to the next level is not a simple process. However, with these five starting points, you can be well on your way to improve your growth and income. Do not limit yourself to just the items you’ve seen here. There is more to building a sustained plan to improve your business than what has been discussed here. However, you now have a foundation to create a plan more uniquely specified to your exact business. Start planning today and give your business a better tomorrow!

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