Disney shares are surging but some analysts are not sold on the streaming service


However, some analysts covering the streaming space are doubtful of Disney+’s ability to disrupt Netflix’s dominant position, saying its family focused content offering lacks quality and quantity compared with Netflix’s.

“We do not view Disney+ as a strong alternative to Netflix,” Suntrust tech analyst Matthew Thornton said in a note Friday. “Bottom-line, Disney+ features family content, while Netflix offers a much broader range of content with the majority of the most-searched content on the platform.”

J.P. Morgan analyst Doug Anmuth also said Disney+ doesn’t pose a threat to Netflix.

“While we expect Disney+ will likely be the most competitive streaming offering to Netflix, we still do not view it as a major threat to Netflix subscriber numbers given Netflix’s quality & quantity of content, along with the global secular shift toward streaming,” Anmuth said in a note to clients Friday.

Disney is entering an increasingly competitive streaming war with rivals Netflix, Hulu and Amazon fighting for market share while various media companies such as Apple and NBC jump on the streaming bandwagon. Disney expects to ramp up its original content with a $1 billion investment in 2020 and $2 billion by 2024.

The company is also expected to reach between 60 million and 90 million subscribers by the end of 2024. One-third of those subscribers will be domestic and two-thirds will be international, the company said.

Disclosure: Comcast, which owns CNBC parent NBCUniversal, is a co-owner of Hulu.

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